The Grow Environment search filter relates exclusively to Cultivators. If available, this piece of information will help you determine what kind of environment and lighting the Cultivator uses to grow their product.

  • Outdoor -  Facilities that are entirely outside.

  • Indoor - Facilities that are entirely inside. This option will also include any records marked with the "warehouse" or "greenhouse" facets.

  • Mixed - Facilities that are both indoor and outdoor. Some of these facilities operate year-round with the grow environment varying by season, while others are operational using both environments concurrently.

  • Warehouse - A warehouse operation is fully indoors, no natural light will enter. 

  • Greenhouse - A greenhouse operation may allow natural light to enter, but may also use artificial light.

These environments relate exclusively to the areas where the product is grown, and do not necessarily speak to the entire facility. 

Note: Greenhouses could fall into any of these categories, depending on the definitions used by the appropriate state or local agency.

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