The Cannabiz Media License Database has six available subscription plans - One State, Startup, Business, Business+, Marketing Pro, and Enterprise - conveniently designed to satisfy needs for every level of user. One of the primary differences between each of the six plans are the quotas or limits set for the varying features. The definition of each quota is as follows:

  1. Lists - The quota refers to the number of Lists you are entitled to save. Lists can be created and deleted in order to manage within your quota. You will be notified should you attempt to exceed your quota. You can view how many Lists you have used in your quota by visiting your Account Dashboard.

  2. Emailing - The quota refers to the number of emails you are entitled to send including both Direct Email (sending messages individually) as well as Email Campaigns (batch-sending emails to entire Lists of people). Each recipient on an Email Campaign counts toward your email quota. Progress toward your quota is tracked and viewable on the confirmation page you visit prior to sending an Email Campaign or by visiting your Account Dashboard. 

  3. Additional Users - The quota refers to the number of add-on users you can add to your account. These can be managed in the Account Management section of the database.

View our help article, Managing Your Quotas, to learn how you can track your usage in each category. 

Visit our pricing page to review the features and quotas associated with each of the six subscription plans. If you would like to change your subscription plan to one more suitable for your needs, view our Help Article entitled, How Do I Upgrade My Account?

Still need help? Reach out to us via the in-app help icon or by emailing us at

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