Cannabiz Media only includes permits or licenses issued by the states or selected municipalities and Montana has not issued any yet. Montana's system has suffered from a lot of volatility in the past few years. Many collectives were raided and all had to trim their patients served down to 3 people until the regulations were approved last year. Those businesses have been coming back as the patient counts have crept up to about 18,000. However, the state has been working to approve only two parts of the "value chain" - testing facilities and processors. They have until April 2018 to get that straightened out, and at this point it is unclear how the state is going to regulate the caregivers as they both grow and dispense.

The state does require patients to tell the state which dispensary/caregiver they get their medicine from but the state has not made this information available. We are in contact with regulators to see when and if that will happen in Montana. We will also be monitoring licensing at the local level in the major metro areas like Billings and Bozeman as they will probably look to jump in. 

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