To use this integration you will need:

Follow the steps under Getting Started with Integrations to connect your Integromat Account with your Cannabiz Media account.

To get started, create a new Scenario by clicking on the Scenarios section:

Then click the Create a new scenario button in the upper right:

In the search box, search for "Google Sheets", select it, then click the Continue button:

In the next screen, click the circle in the middle of the screen with the question mark to start the integration:

Choose Google Sheets:

Then choose Watch a Worksheet:

On the next screen, choose your Google Account settings, click the Add button if you haven't yet connected a Google Account and follow through the steps to authorize Integromat to read and write to your Google Documents. After the connection is ready, choose it from the dropdown and then choose the worksheet and table to monitor:

Make sure to update the "Maximum number of returned rows" to be at least the number of rows in your spreadsheet. Note that you can not synchronize more than 2,000 records a day, so you might want to limit your maximum rows to less than that. If you need to synchronize more results, contact us first.

Click OK, then choose to pull in "All Rows":

Next add the Cannabiz Media app to the integrations by clicking the Plus button at the bottom of the screen. Then search for Cannabiz Media:

Click on Cannabiz Media, then choose the Batch Tag action:

If you haven't already added a Cannabiz Media connection, add one now by clicking on the Add button for the module you just added, and enter in your API Token you retrieved in the first section of this guide:

Select the connection and continue to configure the rest of the tag options:

Each of the Email Address, Phone Number, and CNB ID fields can be mapped to a Google Sheet field by clicking on the input box and then on the appropriate mapping field. Note that in Google Sheets, the first row is assumed to be the header row (shown in green) and every row after that is assumed to be input rows. You can see in grey the values from the first sample row.

Under Tags, select any tags you would like to be automatically applied.

Click OK, then run the integration by clicking the Run Once button at the bottom left corner:

Note: Although you may schedule these tasks to run periodically, we recommend not running it more than once a day, as it would quickly use up your Integromat quota and may cause us to revoke your API privileges. We recommend setting your integrations to run no more than once a day, between 9am  and 2am EST.

Still need help? Reach out to us using the on-screen help icon or by emailing us at

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