How did your emails get into our database?
Our researchers review websites, news articles, license applications and other publicly available data to find out information about the 35,000+ licenses we currently track in the US and Canada. In most cases, we find emails located throughout your website, on industry directories, and/or state specific lists. In some cases, your email may have been provided directly by someone at your company during our phone verification process.

How can I remove my emails so that we no longer get any emails sold to any party through Cannabiz Media?

We certainly don’t want to be the conduit for emails you have no interest in reading, but our customers represent a wide swath of the cannabis industry. They include key trade associations like NCIA and NACB as well as prominent vendors such as Urban-Gro, Bic and Hawthorne Gardening. In many ways, we are the industry directory of which businesses can be trusted. Many companies use our database to make sure they're legally allowed to do business with you, and having your contact information in the Cannabiz Media License Database is essential to making sure you are identified as a licensed, legal company.

Because we store all of our information in a database we are able to honor unsubscribes from license holders, unlike companies that sell lists. Every email sent through our system includes an Unsubscribe link for that specific company. You can unsubscribe from any of our customers by using that link, and you will never receive an email to that address from them through our system again.

Although we can honor requests to opt-out of our entire database, you could be missing out on valuable messages from potential partners, vendors and industry influencers.
If you are sure that you want to be removed from our database, we will honor your request but you are still likely to hear from the industry as our customers are also adept at researching public information. You may submit an opt-out request form by clicking the link below, and filling out your email and company name.

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