If you're using a Google account to login to the platform, please scroll to the section below outlining the update via this method. 

If you'd like to update the initials found in the upper right of your Cannabiz Media license database, you'll need to create a Gravatar profile, and upload an image that will replace your existing portfolio initials. 

1. Visit http://en.gravatar.com/ and setup your email address by clicking on the Create Your Own Gravatar button shown below.

2. The account sign up page will look like the image below. Your Gravatar account will be created via WordPress, if you already have a WordPress account, you can choose to login via that account to create your Gravatar.

Be sure to use the email address associated with your Cannabiz Media account as the email for your Gravatar account. 

You can also add emails to your account, via the My Gravatars tab within your Gravatar account.

Google login approach

You'll need to update the image associated with the Google account you login with in order to change the default initials associated with your account. 

1. In the upper right of your email inbox, click the Google Account icon, and then click on the "change" button below the existing image

2. Either drag and drop the image, or choose it from existing files on your computer. 

3. Crop the image to the desired look, and "set as profile photo" in the lower left.

Please be patient, as these changes may take a day or two before appearing on your account.

Still need help? You can reach the support team by clicking the on-screen help icon or by emailing support@cannabiz.media.

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