Some states allow license holders to apply for a single license that can be used for multiple activities, such as Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Dispensing. Others states require that a separate license be granted for each activity. 

All states limit how many plants may be grown on a single license, so it is common to see license holders applying for multiple cultivation licenses for the same farm or location, this is called "license stacking". These stacked licenses create what appear to be duplicate records in the Cannabiz Media License Database.

You'll want to use the "stacked licenses" filter group to quickly locate the primary record on a set of licenses under the same location. This will be the Facility.

1. The "Facilities" filter is auto selected upon every search.

2. If you want to view the full license count that matches your filters, select "Licenses' under the Staked Records

How do I determine a primary record from a secondary record?

1. We've indicated using the icon of stacked files next to the record, a primary record from a secondary record. 

A secondary record has this icon:

A primary record has this icon:

2. If you happen to open a secondary record, you'll be notified via a warning message. This message includes a link to the primary record within the database.

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