Using our Integrations section, you may upload your own Contacts into Cannabiz Media to automatically match against our existing contact list.

To use this integration you will need:

Create a new Google Sheet to add your contacts, or make a copy of our Template.

The only required fields are a Name and Email Address.

Here's a help video that outlines how to import your contacts via Google Sheets.

Follow the steps for Bulk Tagging Records by Email or Phone Number, but instead of choosing "Batch Tag or Assign", choose "Create or Update a contact":

You must supply at least the Name and Email Address, however you can also supply Phone, Company Name, and title. You can also choose to automatically tag all matching records as well as assign them to a product, we recommend "My Contacts":

Once your integration is all set, it should look something like this:

Now it's time to run the Scenario. At the bottom of the page you'll see a "Run Once" button:

This will automatically run your scenario, and process up to the limit you defined in the Google Sheet connection. You can adjust this limit by clicking on the Google Sheets app and modifying the Limit value:

We recommend setting this to no more than 500 at a time. Every time you click the "Run Once" button, it will take the next batch of rows, picking up from where it last left off.

Once you've imported your contacts, you'll be able to see them in the App under the "My Contacts" Segment. You can now include these contacts in any mailing campaigns, alerts, or other actions you want to do!

Still need help? Reach out to us via the on-screen help icon or by emailing

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