To use this integration you will need:

Users on the Business +, Marketing Pro, and Enterprise plans have access to advanced integration options to use Integromat to apply bulk/batch tagging or ownership assignments. Given a list of emails, you can run batch operations to tag any matching records, or add your own contacts to the system.

The easiest method of mapping records by Email Address, Phone Number, or CNB ID is by using the Integromat and Google Sheets integration.

To get started, visit your account settings page:

Then click on the "Integrations" tab:

Note: If you do not see the Integrations tab, you may need to purchase an upgraded package. Contact us if you want to discuss using third-party integrations.

Click on the Generate new token button:

Type in a name for your API Token, and press OK. Your new API token should appear within a few minutes:

Note: If you do not see the "Show token" link, try refreshing your page after a few minutes.

Click on the Show token link below your token name to reveal the Token. Copy this token to use it in the Integromat integration later.

Note: This token is your secret key, and is as important to secure as your password. DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS TOKEN. You are responsible for keeping it secure.

You may delete any access token you've created in the past to disable it. This action will prevent any future access with that token, and can not be reversed.

Sign up for an Integromat account if you don't already have one. Visit to sign up.

Once you have your Integration Token, Click the link below to add Cannabiz Media to your account:

On the invite page, choose "Add to my Inventory":

Then click "Start Using Cannabiz Media":

On the "What services do you want to integrate", you can either search for the service you want to add, or "Continue" in the upper right corner:

At the bottom of the scenario, choose "Add" and search for "Cannabiz Media":

In the popup, choose the action you're trying to perform, such as "Batch Tag or Assign", or "Create or Update Contact":

The Cannabiz Media app will be added to your Scenario diagram, if you haven't already used the app in Integromat, you will need to set up a new Connection by clicking on "Add":

On the popup box, enter your API key you created in the first section of this tutorial. You can also name this connection, then once you're ready hit "Continue":

That's it! You now have a connection to the app from Integromat, and you can get started integrating your custom solutions.

Here's a help video that outlines how import your own contacts via Google Sheets.

What's next?

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