The California Consumer Protection Act went into effect on January 1st, 2020. This state statute is intended to enhance consumer privacy rights regarding information that identifies California residents. Among other rights, subject to certain exceptions, it gives California residents the right to know what personal information has been collected about them and the right to have it deleted. The law also grants the right to opt out of sharing the information with a third party when the information has been sold to them. A third party who has purchased the information is not allowed to further sell it without providing explicit notice and the ability to opt out to all individuals involved. In certain circumstances, a business may be liable for wrongful actions carried out by third parties who purchased the information.

While Cannabiz Media has made updates to our site to be able to accommodate data removal requests, in order to reduce the potential for impermissible transfers of information that could be deemed as additional “sales” under CCPA, we have disabled the function of exporting personal information for contacts.

Many other states are quickly following suit with California, and Cannabiz Media aims to remain proactive and protect the privacy of all people.

You'll still be able to export License data though, as it is business data, not personal data. Check out this help article if you'd like to learn more about our License Export feature. 

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