At Cannabiz Media, we recommend setting up a brand new domain to dedicated specifically to email campaigns or bulk email sending. Consider it a division of power to help ensure your primary operational domain (I.e. doesn't get polluted if you happen to send out too many emails that are marked as spam, as well as help make sure your emails are landing in your recipients inboxes. However, if you create a brand new domain (I.e. and start sending immediately without any sort of warmup process, your emails may end up in spam, or get flat out rejected by your recipients. It will take about 90 days for the new domain to be considered “mature” and therefore achieve its full potential.

Think about when you get a call from an unknown number. Chances are if you do pick it up, you're going to be more suspicious. If you're busy, you might even just let it go to voicemail. Conversely, if that phone number shows up as someone you recognize, maybe even someone in your contact list, you're much more likely to pick it up because they already have an established reputation with you and therefore you know who's calling.

The same is true for email domains. If you immediately start sending out large email campaigns from a new domain, you're much more likely to end up in spam boxes. Instead, we recommend sending small campaigns, transactional emails, and direct one-on-one emails through your new email domain first. So for example, start by sending an email to your current customers, your internal staff, and people who you know won't mark your email as spam and are more likely to open and even click on your email. In short, send to people who are expecting your call first. This builds up a positive reputation for your domain in email outer space.

When seasoning, you don't have to use the Cannabiz Media email platform, but it is recommended since this is the platform the domain is intended for. To do this, you can import your own contacts or manually add recipients one-at-a-time until you have a list of recipients you know want your emails. Alternatively, you can use your existing email service provider to send these warmup emails.

And just like seasoning a skillet, don't forget to continue this process by periodically sending emails through your domain to people who opt-in to get your emails, not just to recipients from a cold list.

Ready to begin?

When your new domain is ready, be sure to follow the setup process to register the domain with the Cannabiz Media email platform, then find out more about Managing Your Email Reputation.

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