Cannabiz Media Scorecards allow you to see License data for each state, categorized by county and municipality. You'll be able to quickly see the quantity of each license type within each county and municipality, as well as generate Lists of them directly from the Scorecard.

Where can I find a Scorecard?

Navigate to Scorecards, and you'll see a List of all states. Each state has a link for "View Scorecard".

How do I use a Scorecard?

The scorecard will be listed alphabetically by county from A-Z when you first enter the page. A green row indicates the licenses under an entire county, (i.e. Adams County in the screenshot below). The lighter colored rows indicate a municipality within a county; the county will be labeled to the right of the municipality.

Via the small drop down to the left of the search bar you can toggle between different views of a Scorecard. You can view by all counties and municipalities, a list of only counties, or a list of only municipalities.

You can click on the column headers to filter the activities to view the counties in ascending/descending order by number of licenses. Bold arrows next to the column headers indicate which column is being used to filter.

You can also use the Search bar above the column headers to search for a specific county, or municipality.

Can I build a list from a Scorecard?

Yes, you can click on any municipality or activity number and the database will load that set of licenses, you can then create a list from that view.

If you click on the full county - Adams County in the screenshot below - you'll get all active records in that county. Clicking a city - like Aurora - will get all Licenses within that municipality. You can also click the individual numbers to get just the specific types of Licenses in that county or municipality as well.

We recommended using the activity columns to target a specific set of records. In the example below, we've chosen all the Retailers in Boulder county. After clicking the number, the database loads those records, you can then make a list.

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