Looking to send more emails or add more users to your account? Need access to more information? Follow the steps below to upgrade your account.

  1. Expand the account menu in the main navigation of the database by clicking on the avatar and select Settings. When the Account Dashboard loads, click Manage Billing. Note that you must be an Account Owner to access this option - if you do not see it, please reach out to the primary user on your account to have them complete this upgrade.

Note: You may need to login to the billing section of the App, you'll want to use the same email and PW here as you did to login to the database.

2. Click Subscriptions from the menu list.

3. Click Upgrade to select a new subscription plan.

4. Select the plan you would like to change to and click Subscribe.

6. Complete the checkout process. The features and quotas associated with your login will update automatically after completing the checkout process and logging back into the database.

Still need help? Reach out to us via the in-app help icon or by emailing us at support@cannabiz.media.

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