You may have an additional user on your account, in which case, you have the ability to swap that user out for someone else if ever needed. Swapping an add-on account for a new user can be completed via your Account Dashboard from the primary Cannabiz Media account. To make the update, follow these steps:

  1. Locate you Account Dashboard by opening the dropdown in the bottom left and clicking Team.

    Note: If you are already within your My Account section, you can click on the Team tab as indicated by the red arrow.

2. Click the Disable button on the user you are removing from the account. You may need refresh the page before seeing the user is successfully disabled.

3. Once disabled, you can now enter the new user's information using the "Add a user" form below your list of team members. Once you click Add user, the new user will receive an email prompting them to set their password and login.

Note: Only email addresses for individual people will be approved as additional users. Organizational email addresses such as info@ or sales@, for example, cannot be used with an add on user seat. Add on user emails must belong to the same email domain as the primary email on your account, and cannot be common emails such as GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

For making adjustments to the primary user on the account please see this article
What does it mean to transfer my "Primary Account" account to someone else?

If you need additional assistance, reach out to us using the on-screen help icon or by emailing us at

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