As a Cannabiz Media subscriber you are automatically enrolled in daily email alerts. These alerts aggregate news from the day prior as well as updates to records, all on a national level. You may also set up daily email alerts to track updates made to the records on a particular List. You can narrow what information gets included in these alerts by adjusting the settings associated with a List. You can update what kind of information is included in your email alerts or choose to opt out of them entirely.

Option 1: Selecting what information is included in your email alerts

1. Enter your List via the drop down menu.

2. Click Settings in the List toolbox.

3. Edit the List settings to indicate what kind of information is included in your email alerts. You can also uncheck the "Alert me when anything in this list is updated" box to stop email alerts for this particular List entirely. Click Save.

Option 2: Opting out of email alerts entirely

1. Select My Account, and then choose the Preferences Tab.

2. Once on the the Preferences tab, you are able to disable national email alerts or disable all email alerts which would include both the national and List-specific emails. Once you have made your selection, simply return to the database and continue searching.

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