If your credit card has expired, your payment method failed, or if you simply would like your payments to process on a different credit card, you can quickly and easily submit new payment information.

If you are logged into the Cannabiz Media Database, navigate to the My Account section where you'll click on Manage Billing.

From the billing screen you will click Update payment method to adjust the Credit Card on file or add a new one to your account. You can also adjust the billing contact info if just that is needed.

From this next screen you will click on on either the card you need to update, or Add New to input a new card or a backup. We recommend adding a backup card in the event there is a problem with your primary payment method, to avoid account cancellation.

If adding a new card once you have input the information, you will be prompted to mark this as the primary card on your account or as a backup card.

Once completed you will see all cards on your account with indicators for Primary and/or Backup cards.

Alternatively, if you received a failure notification email, click the Pay Now button which takes you to a payment page to input your new credit card information.

If you still have questions about changing your credit card info, reach out to us via the on-screen help icon or by emailing us at support@cannabiz.media.

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