If you are looking to cancel your account, first you need to understand what that means. When you cancel your account, your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle. After that period, you will no longer be able to send emails to any of the contacts you discovered in our database nor access any of the notes, deal info, email creative, or email analytics. You will also lose access to all of the licenses, alerts, and all of the other services we provide.

Our service is much more than just an email list. We constantly monitor email addresses for our License holders and seamlessly update those in the background without you having to do a thing. We are also constantly adding and updating Licenses, People, and Companies as they change.

Still, if you no longer wish to benefit from our system, we're sorry to see you go. Simply follow these steps to cancel your account:

Navigate to the Account Dashboard by either hovering over My Account and click Billing, or you can click on My Account and click on Manage Billing.

Click Cancel Subscription.

This will bring up a pop up advising of the service you are canceling

This will bring up a final confirmation where you can advise on the reason for cancelation, which we appreciate your feedback on.

Our final prompt shows the cancelation details and shows the date of cancelation.

When you review the billing portion of your account you will now see that your account shows as Pending Cancellation date, which is when your service remains active through.

If you've closed your account and want to stop the pending cancelation, you can do so at any point from within the billing section or by clicking on Manage Subscription here to renew your subscrption

Still need help? Reach out to us via the in-app help icon or by emailing us at support@cannabiz.media.

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