Cannabiz Media can provide you with many different informative and enlightening email analytics. You can see your open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and more. One particularly intriguing statistic might be how well your email campaigns are performing in those metrics compared to other Cannabiz Media users in your same industry.

But how do we know what industry to compare to? We've preloaded your account with what we believe to be your industry, but you can change it under your Preferences menu if you need.

Select the best option available that most closely matches what you do.

Note: Please do not change this industry often. Once set, it should remain as is to provide you with the best statistics going forward. Be aware that your comparison analytics will not immediately change if you update this menu; only emails sent after the change will count towards the newly selected industry. In other words - unless your company drastically changes directions - make this selection once and leave it as is for the future.

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