We hope that you use Cannabiz Media frequently, but also realize that this industry can be very busy and pull you in many different directions. We know you might go a week or two (or more!) without checking out the new records we've added to your database. While we label records we've added in the past week with a "New" designation, if you haven't logged in to your account for a while, you may have missed some of the other records recently added.

We've created a filter on your List Facets to allow you to see records that were created or updated within a given date range. While you've always had filters for last 7 days, or last 30 days, you can now go beyond that, or target a more specified date range.

You'll find this filter on any of these categories - Licenses, Companies, or Contacts.

Scroll down the page, and find the filter sections for Updated and Created. You'll see a selection for Custom Date Range. Select it, and new fields for From and To dates are displayed.

Note that you'll use the Updated filter to find records that existed previously, but had updates within that range. Maybe we updated contact information associated with that License, or it's Status. The Created filter is used to find records newly added to the system within that date range.

Supply your date range, click Filter, and your list results will be limited to records that meet that criteria. It's that easy!

Have any questions about this feature? Reach out to us using the chat in the bottom right!

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