Finding and capturing the new and updated records within the Cannabiz Media License Database can keep you ahead of the curve. There are a number of ways to do this.

First, you can identify the new and updated records based on the tag found in the search results of the database. Typically new and updated records can be found on the top of the search results for easy access. Our "New" and "Updated" tags will remain on a record for 7 days. Our "Updated" tag will inform you when important contact info like Name, Phone, Email, Address, and Status are changed.

For any market/activity/location that you are working within we recommend you create a List to save that particular search. Saving a search as a List provides a number of tools that help you find new and updated records as they process. For help creating a List, view our help article How do I create a List?

Once a List is created, one of the biggest benefits is daily email alerts that summarize the changes to that List from the day prior, including any new and updated records. The email will highlight the new/updated data of interest to you based on the email alert settings you selected when creating the List.

There are also two different sets of search filters that can help you sort out the new and updated records within a particular search or List.

Updated/Created - Available for any search sorting new and updated records within the last day, 7 days, and 30 days. You can find the "Updated" and "Created" filters below the state filters on the left hand side of the database.

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