Tags are an efficient way to help organize records within the Cannabiz Media License Database. They allow you to assign certain attributes to records, such as who your favorites are, whether they have engaged with an Email Campaign, or whether they are already an existing customer, for example.

There are three different kinds of tags you can utilize:

  1. Auto Tags - Tags that automatically get assigned to a record based on actions performed within the License Database (i.e. Contacted) and are universal among all License Database users within your organization. For more information, view the article How do auto tags work?

  2. Custom Tags - Tags that you create based on attributes you would like to track and are universal among all License Database users within your organization.

  3. Favorites - Starring notable records for fast access. These are specific to individual users.

Tags can be seen right within the search results in two different spots. The star next to the tradename indicates a favorite, whereas the bars beneath the tradename captures tags.

Tags can be assigned on the individual records pages themselves by using the star to flag a favorite or the drop down to assign any other tag.

You can sort amongst Tags and Favorites by using the available search filters that automatically populate once tags are created and used.

Lists can be created using Tags to enable you to manually add/remove records from a particular List. Simply use the Tag filter to isolate those particular records and follow the steps to create a list. The List will automatically update as that tag is added or removed from various records. Having a Tag saved as a List allows you to send Email Campaigns to all individuals with a particular tag.

Tags can be created and managed through your Account Dashboard.

Enter your My Account section and click on the "Tags" tab or mouse over My Account and select it there:

From here we can see a list of all our current tags and a place to add any new ones at the bottom.

There is a guide as well that shows you how to utilize the management functions of your tags.

Still need help? Reach out to us via the on-screen icon or email us at support@cannabiz.media.

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