The ability to add tasks to individual records ensures timely and proactive follow ups with license holders, companies, and people. They help keep you and your team organized and on track, and help provide more transparency by establishing clear next steps.

Tasks are global, meaning they can be viewed and assigned by any user within your organization who has a Cannabiz Media License Database account.

Start by opening the record where you would like to add a task. You will see an area towards the top of the record card that is the Notes, Tasks, and Deals tabs. Click the Tasks tab, and then select Add Task.

A new window will open where you can see any active tasks or choose to create a New Task Complete the relevant fields - note that only Title is required, and that you can come back to edit the other fields later. Tasks can only be assigned to Cannabiz Media License Database users from within your organization. Make sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished.

Your new task will appear under the Tasks tab with the initials/profile picture of the team member to whom it is assigned. To get to this tab you will click on the Task button. The Task button will have a small numerical indicator of how many tasks are on this record (for this example it is just the one I added)

You can edit the task by clicking the "3 Dots" menu, and then selecting Edit. You can also delete the task from this menu as well. You might only delete the task if you accidentally associated it with the wrong wrong - if you've completed the task, just click the circle next to it to mark it complete.

How are assignees alerted of a task?

The system will send an alert to the email associated with the assignee's account upon creation of the task, and on the day the task is due. The system will not send an alert if the task is edited after original creation.

How do I edit or delete a task?

You can edit or delete your task by clicking the 3 Dots Menu. You will have the same options to edit as you did when initially creating the task. Please note a deleted task cannot be re-opened, however, a completed task can be re-opened.

Follow this task permissions chart to understand who can edit/delete/complete a task. Please note the Manager is the primary account holder.

How do I mark a task as complete?

Clicking the small gray circle above the initials/profile picture of the assignee will mark the task as complete. The creator of the task and the assignee are the only users who can mark a task as complete (see chart above).

What happens after a task is completed?

Once a task is completed, it will be removed from the active list and added to the Completed Task list, which can be viewed by clicking the Task icon (checkmark in a circle) icon on your Activity Dashboard. Your Completed Task list will contain all completed tasks and can be filtered using the options on the left hand side. You can also edit, delete, and re-open completed tasks via this page.

Note: Review the article Can I view/search among all tasks? to learn about an alternate way to view and filter among all tasks within the License Database.

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