Tags are useful in many ways, but probably the most useful is the ability to make custom lists.

Custom lists can be useful in instances like when you have search results of over 5,000 recipients and only want to send out a certain amount of email because you're almost over quota or you only want to send an email to particular licences within a certain radius of a zip code.

You can add a tag to a single record, only pull up that particular tag and save those tagged records to a list.

Tags will also allow you to remove a tag from a record and that record will automatically be removed from a saved list.

Here's how to use tags to create a custom list:

  1. Create your desired custom tag.

  2. Locate a record you'd like to tag.

  3. Click on the record.

  4. In the top left hand corner of the record under the map, you'll see a drop down menu.

  5. Click the drop down menu.

  6. Click on the tag you'd like to add to this record.(You're able to add multiple tags to a single record if desired.)

7. The tag will then be added to the record.
8. Go back to the main page by clicking the Cannabiz Media Logo at the top left hand corner of the screen.
9. On the left hand side of the app, in the filters section under "Tags", locate your tag.
10. Select the tag you'd like to bring up results on.
11. Now all of the records related to the tag will be displayed.
12. You can now create a list from these results.

Removing a Record from a List

You can also choose to remove a single or multiple records from a list by simply removing the tag associated with your saved list.


  1. I have the tag of "Example Tag" saved to several licenses.

  2. These licenses are added to the list "Example Tag Results" (You can name the list whatever you want.)

  3. If I do not want a particular license on the list of "Example Tag Results" I can click on the desired license for removal.

  4. After clicking on the license, I can go to the top left hand corner of the app and click the tiny white 'X' located next to the tag name to remove the tag from the license.

5. The record will now be automatically removed from the list "Example Tag Results"

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