Deals allow you to track a sale through each stage of the transaction. It can help you prioritize outreach and follow up, and make projections. They can be viewed on the individual records as well as on the Deal dashboard to review all open transactions.

How do I create a Deal?

  1. To initiate a Deal, go to the individual record and click the Deals tab. Click the green "Add Deal" button.

2. A new window will open. Add any information that you may find helpful about the Deal - note that only a title is required; you can always edit the additional fields later.

Examine the screenshot above for examples of how you might use each field in your Deal.

3. To update the Deal as the transaction moves forward, simply come back to the record page and click the "3 Dots" in the upper right, and then select Edit from the menu.

You can also Delete your Deal from this menu as well. You might use this is you entered the Deal on the wrong record by mistake - if it was Lost, you'll be better off updating the status, as it allows for better record keeping and tracking later.

How can I view and search among all Deals?

The Deals dashboard can be accessed by clicking Deals. The Deals dashboard has search filters to sort among assignee, stage, expected close, owner, creation, etc., or you can type keywords into the search bar.

To update the Deal as the transaction moves forward, simply come back to the Deals dashboard and click Edit beneath the deal to again open the editable fields and make changes.

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