If you have a Salesforce account, you might want to see which leads you've already prospected from within the Cannabiz Media platform. To get started, first setup an Integromat Account:

Once you sign up, add the Cannabiz Media app to your Integromat Account by clicking the button below in this Help Article:

On this page, click "Add to my Inventory":

Then click on "Start using Cannabiz Media":

On the next page search for "Salesforce", then click on the "Salesforce" app and click "Continue":

On the next page, click on the circle in the middle of the screen and add "Salesforce" as your initial application:

From the list of actions and triggers, choose "Watch records in an Object":

The next screen is to configure your connection to Salesforce, if this is your first time connecting Integromat to Salesforce, click the "Add" button next to the Connection dropdown:

On the "Create a connection" page, choose a name for your connection and click "Continue":

This will open a new window where you can enter your Salesforce username and password.

Once you've entered your username and password, click "Log In" and you will grant Integromat access to your Salesforce account. You will then want to choose the "Type", "Maximal count of records", and "Watch" settings:

Click the dropdown for "Type", and choose "Lead":

Note: You can also sync Contacts by choosing "Contact" instead of Lead. If you want to sync both Leads and Contacts, set up a second scenario to sync Contacts.

Under "Maximal Count of Records", choose the number of records you need to sync (100, 200, 500 etc)

Under "Watch" select "Only new records":

Click the "OK" button on this popup.

Under "Choose where to start", select "All records", then click "OK".

To the right of the Salesforce circle, click the Plus(+) icon for "Add another module":

In the popup menu, search for Cannabiz Media

Once you see the Cannabiz Media app, click on it:

On the "Actions" menu, choose "Batch Tag or Assign":

This will give you a Popup menu to connect to the Cannabiz Media App. If you have not already connected to the Cannabiz Media app, choose "Add" to add a new connection, which will ask you for an "Access Token".

If you have not already created an Access Token, open a new tab and head to the Integrations Tab within your Cannabiz Media account, then click on "Generate new Token":

After a few seconds, the token will appear in the Integrations tab, copy this and paste it in as your Access Token in Integromat:

Paste in your Access Token:

On the popup window, choose a name for the token, such as "Integromat", then click "OK" to create the token. KEEP THIS TOKEN SECRET:

Click "Continue", then you'll be presented with a list of configuration options for your sync:

Click into the "Email address" field, and you'll see a popup of all of the options from Salesforce:

Click on "Email" in the popup for the Email Address, then fill in the phone number as well. If you have the state or state license IDs, fill those out also.

Under "Tags", choose any tags you want associated with these leads, for example you could create a new tag called "Salesforce Prospect", and tag that, or you could simply tag "Customer", or "Lead" to indicate they're already in Salesforce.

You can also choose to assign an "Owner" to all of the records that match by clicking the dropdown under "Owner", but this is not required.

Once you're done, click the "OK" button at the bottom, you should be left with a screen that looks like this:

Click the "Run Once" button at the bottom to test the connection. After a few seconds you should see little quote bubbles above both apps, indicating how many records were processed:

As long as there are no errors, click on the "Clock" icon next to the Salesforce app:

On the "Schedule setting", choose a frequency to run this integration, such as "Every Day" at 10 AM:

Click "OK", then at the bottom of your page hit the Save icon, then enable the scenario by toggling the "Scheduling" slider to "ON":

That's it! Your integration is now completed and your Salesforce records will automatically be tagged in Cannabiz Media. You can also manually run the integration to pull in all of your existing records by using the "Run Once" option.

Still need help? You can reach the support team by clicking the on-screen help icon or by emailing support@cannabiz.media.

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