Changing the email on your Cannabiz Media account will update the following:

  • the email address you use to login to the platform

  • the email address you are authorized to send as via the platform

  • the email address where responses will be received

  • the email address where you will receive daily news, and license alerts

Here are the steps for changing your account's email:

Navigate to the Settings page, located via the Portfolio icon dropdown in the upper right hand corner of the database.

2. Click the Change My Email button located to the right hand side of the Settings page.

3. Complete the form on the subsequent page.

The Cannabiz Media tech team will receive, and approve your request. You will be notified at the newly appointed email address once the approval has been granted, you will also receive a password reset email.

NOTE: The new email address you are requesting must:

The Change My Email function is not intended for use as a way to change the user on the account. If you'd like to manage the users on your account, please follow the instructions on our help article How Do I Change Users On My Account.

Still need help? You can reach the support team by clicking the on-screen help icon or by emailing

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