Company records in Cannabiz Media represent a higher level organization that owns multiple Licenses- maybe a big player in a single state, or a large multi-state operator. When you're contacting them, it pays to research the big picture- where do they operate, and what do they do? How vertically integrated are they? You can find this information on the Related Licenses tab of the Company record.

All Licenses associated with the Company record will be displayed here. You'll see the Status, Activity, and Location for each License shown. Each License is a clickable link, taking you directly to the License record for additional information. You can also use the different view selections in the upper right to see the Licenses in different ways - perhaps the Map View will help you get a better picture of where this company operates.

You can also use the filter funnel in the upper right to access a list view of all the Licenses belonging to this company. From there, you can further filter by state, status, and so on.

You can see quantities of licenses broken down by Activity, Location, and Status by clicking the Tally By Activity button on the left.

This displays all the states where the Company is licensed to operate. Columns show the different Activities they are licensed for - how many of each type in each state, as well as a state total on the right. Total counts for Licenses by type are displayed at the bottom of the columns.

The columns also act as a sort tool - click the column header to order your results by the number in that column.

You can also filter the Tally to display License counts for specific statuses. The default view shows Active Licenses, but choose others - or all - from the menu.

You can remove the Tally Table from the Related Licenses tab by clicking the Hide Tally button at the bottom of it.

Have any questions about this feature? Reach out to us using the chat in the bottom right!

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