You'll notice that every License, Company, or Contact email within the Cannabiz Media database is masked with an email extension. This masked email feature was put into place for a number of reasons, outlined below.

  • To ensure our users have the most current data

  • To track email engagement (opens and clicks)

  • To keep our users can-spam compliant

  • To ensure you are getting the most out of your email quota each month

  • To eliminate invalid senders from leveraging the data of paid subscribers

  • To protect the privacy of our contacts

What do the masked emails look like?

When you click on a "send email" button via a License, Company, or Contact record, you'll see an email address that appears similar to what you see below:

Is there a difference between the License, Company, and Contact emails?

You can decipher if a masked email is from a License, Company, or Contact record.

An "L" in the prefix indicates a License email, a "P" in the prefix indicates a Contact email, and a "C" in the prefix indicates a Company email.

How do I send to a masked email?

Any record (License, Company, Contact) that has an email address associated will appear with the "send an email" link. The below screenshots show where you'll see this on each record.




Clicking the send email button on a License, Company, or Contact record will open up a window that looks like the screenshot below.

You can copy/paste the masked email into your mail client (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc etc) and send as normal.

The recipient will see that the email came from you and it went to them. They'll not see anything related to Cannabiz Media.

Note: If you click the green "send email" button located on the above screenshot the system will attempt to open your local mail tool, such as MacMail or Outlook. If you do not have an email tied to those platforms, you'll be asked to set one up. In that case, it is easiest to just copy/paste the masked email.

Does Cannabiz Media track my emails through the platform?

Yes! Each record has an Email tab, outlined in the screenshot below. Any emails sent through the CNB Post system will be logged in the app under the Email tab on the corresponding record. The system will indicate if the message was via a person or a campaign.

Can I get the actual emails from Cannabiz Media?

If a recipient responds to your email, you'll receive their actual email address. At that point, you have the option to edit the contact, or store the email within a note within the Cannabiz Media database.

Note: Cannabiz Media relies on the masked email to track engagement on your messages. If the masked email is replaced with the actual email, Cannabiz Media will no longer be able to track your messages.

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