Keep yourself and your team organized by leveraging Cannabiz Media's dashboard to:

  • View recent email activity, both via campaigns and direct emails via the Hot Leads section

  • Determine which records have engaged the most with your content, overall and per campaign

  • View all of your Overdue and Due Soon tasks and deals, as well as Recent Notes you've left

  • Quickly locate recent updates to records you have favorited or are assigned to you via the Updates section

  • Easily view your list alerts via the List Alerts section

  • Managers can view their team's performance, and upcoming tasks and deals via the Team Insights and My Team sections

Accessing all campaign analytics, your lists, and remaining quotas via the Activity Dashboard:

There are a set of quick links in the upper right of the dashboard, outlined below, to get you to areas of the site you need most.

The Quotas drop down will inform you of the number of lists and emails that are available, as well as when your team's email quota will reset. Remember, lists are specific to your seat, and the email quota is shared with other users on your account.

Email Activity This Week:

The dashboard tracks the past week's email activity. You'll see which records have engaged with your content the most over the last 30 days, providing an indication for the sales team on who to target first - your Hot Leads

Where do I see my upcoming tasks and deals?

The right hand side of the dashboard has a few different sections broken up into two tabs. The My Team tab shows any overdue Tasks/Deals as well as any updates to records by your team. At the bottom of this tab (as well as the My Account tab) you will see any List Alerts.

The My Account tab will show you any Tasks/Deals that are assigned to you and Due Soon, any Recent Notes you've created, and any Updates to records you've favorited.

Note: If your account is setup as a manager, you will see two tabs to the right hand side, one labeled My Team and one labeled My Account. More on this outlined in the section below.

How do I promote other users on my account to "manager"?

There can be multiple account managers on your Cannabiz Media account, the account managers have access to view the "manager only" sections of the dashboard, outlined in the above section of this help doc. You can upgrade a "standard user" to manager via the Team tab under your account's Settings. Access the settings via the icon in the upper right on your account. Locate the user and click the Promote button to move them to a "Manager".

How do I navigate to the License Database from the Activity Dashboard?

You can find the Activity Dashboard upon logging into the the License Database. To navigate to the database, use the Licenses dropdown in the upper right, and choose Browse Licenses.

Clicking the Cannabiz Media logo in the upper left will take you back to the Activity Dashboard.

Still need help? Reach out to us via the on-screen help icon, or by emailing us at

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