Splitting a list of email recipients is a great way to test content, subject lines, send times, and much more. The Cannabiz Media license database has an email campaign tool built right into the platform, and you can use this tool to test your email campaigns.

How do I split my list for testing email campaigns?

  1. Use custom tags to tag sets of records on a list for testing

  2. Create separate lists by further refining an existing list

Please read on to understand more about how you can test your email campaigns. We'll also outline some things to consider with each approach.

Using custom tags to split a list in order to test an email campaign.

Using this approach, you'll need to add a custom tag to each record you are trying to target on a list and via a specific test.

1. Start by creating the list you are attempting to split test. If you're unsure how to create a list, see our article How do I create a list.

Note: A list created under the license view may include multiple unique email addresses per record, so this is important to consider if you are attempting to target a certain number of recipients.

2. Once your list is created, begin the tagging of the records you'd like to target on your first test campaign. Open each record and add your tag, or use the Bulk Tag Feature to tag multiple at once.

3. You'll be able to see how many records are assigned to each tag under the Tags filter group on the left hand side of the database. Once you've tagged all the records you are attempting to target on a specific test campaign, locate that custom tag and choose it from the Tags section. Create a NEW list with each custom tag you are attempting to email.

4. Enter the email campaign builder on each individual list, and compose your campaign. We have a help article on Creating an email campaign, if needed.

Further refining an existing list to create a test group for an email campaign.

With this approach, you'd be taking a larger view of records, I.E. all active cultivators in the US with an email, and breaking that group into smaller lists using filters such as state/region, grow environment, or canopy size.These would allow you to further refine your view, and create a list. You'll then create an email campaign for each list you've created.

Still need help? You can reach the support team by clicking the on-screen help icon or by emailing support@cannabiz.media.

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