Some states are too large for a single sales rep to cover, so you may want to divide the License leads in that state between a few different sales reps. You can have the system evenly split a group of records among multiple Cannabiz Media users to accomplish this. Follow the steps below for a complete walk through.

Note: Only Account Owners and Managers can perform this batch assignment. If you do not see this option in your system, ask your Account Owner or Manager to complete this task, or promote your account to the Manager permission level.

First, know that you can split License, Company, and Contact records in this manner. Choose what type of record you'd like to work with by navigating to your preferred record type.

At this point, you can load a Saved List, or filter results to find the records you're looking for. In the screenshot below, we've filtered our List to just Cultivation Licenses in California. To assign all these records to owners, select the checkbox in the header row.

Next, click the Person Icon to the right. A menu will appear, showing all of your Cannabiz Media users.

Select the users you'd like to assign these records to. We'll divide these California Cultivation Licenses between Chris and Ross. After making your selections, click Apply at the bottom of the menu.

The system will then ask you to confirm your selections by providing a quick explanation of your intent with this change. Click OK in that window to begin the batch assignment.

You'll see a confirmation in the upper right that the batch is queued and processing. Note that this may take up to 15 minutes to complete, depending on the number of records you've selected. You are free to use other areas of the system while this processes in the background.

After letting the process complete, we can now see that our California Cultivation Licenses are split evenly among the users we selected - Chris and Ross each now have 2090 records assigned to each of them.

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