You may add your own contacts and edit existing contacts directly within the Cannabiz Media License Database to ensure your contact records are all kept together. Contacts added by you will appear on the associated licenses or companies with a purple "plus (+)" sign. Existing contacts that are edited by you or your team will appear with a purple "file" icon.

Any new or edited contacts will be included in Email Campaigns provided the contact meets the criteria set in your List.

Please note that any new contacts or edits you make to existing contacts will remain private to your team's account unless you indicate you are willing to share the information with Cannabiz Media.

How do I add a contact?

You can add a custom contact to the License Database in a couple of ways. A contact may be associated with any license or company, or created as a standalone. Please note that associating a contact with a company does not automatically associate the same contact with related licenses within that company, and vice-versa when adding a contact to a license. Here are you options for adding a contact:

  1. Click the + next to your initials/thumbnail

  2. Via an individual license

  3. Via an individual company

The "create a contact" window will provide you with the below options when adding a contact. None of the fields are required, but the more information provided, the easier it will be to locate your contact via specific licenses or companies.

Owner: You can assign ownership of a contact using this field. An owner can be anyone who has a seat within your Cannabiz Media account.

Employment: Provide your contact with a job title, and associate your contact with specific companies and licenses. You can associate your contact to any number of licenses or companies. Or you can choose to leave your contact as a standalone.

Social Media: Engage with your contacts via Social Media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Share updates with Cannabiz Media: Allow our team to access the contacts you've added so we can verify the information and improve the strength of the data within our database.

How do I edit an existing contact?

In order to edit an existing contact, or one that you have added yourself, first open that contact record within the License Database. From there, click the Edit this contact button in the upper right to open the dialogue box with editable fields.

Note: Changing the email address of an existing contact will overwrite the email address provided by Cannabiz Media.

How do I find my added or edited contacts?

You can view contacts that have been added or edited by clicking Contacts on the dashboard. Once in Contacts, the "Attributes" search filter has options to see Edited or Added contacts.

Can I delete a contact?

You can delete any contact that you've added. You'll want to click into the contact's record and then use the small arrow in the upper right to open up the option to delete.

Note: You can only delete a contact if you created the contact.

What happens when I share my contact data with the Cannabiz Media team?

When creating your own contact or editing an existing contact, there will be an option to "Share updates with Cannabiz Media". Unless this box is checked, your edits will remain private to your team's account.

If you choose to share your update, Cannabiz Media receive an email with the information you have submitted. Our data team will then verify the information and determine whether to update the entire License Database with this new information. We appreciate your assistance in helping us expand our data!

Still need help? Reach out to us using the on-screen help icon or by emailing

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