While some of your marketing may be focused on sending emails to specific individuals, you may also want to send email campaigns to targeted lists of similar records. Follow the instructions below to send a mass email to multiple recipients at once time.

  1. Select Email from the menu to access the Email Dashboard.

2. Select to Draft a New Campaign.

3. Begin by completing the fields on the Overview Tab.

You'll first supply an email Subject Line, and then a Campaign Name. Note that the Subject Line is external for your recipients, while the Campaign Name is internal for you. You can also select an internal Category for your campaign to help distinguish marketing efforts or email purpose.

Next, choose the Sender Email - the address the email will show as coming from. You can edit the Sender Name too, if you'd like it to display differently than the default for the chosen address. You can also change the Reply To email - this allows you to have the email come from one address, but have replies sent back to a different address. You'll type that one in, but be sure the domain (the part that comes after the @) is the same as your Sender address.

You'll only see the Deliver Via shown in the screenshot if you have multiple domains connected to your Cannabiz Media account. This is rare, but if you do, select the correct one to use for this campaign.

4. Next, move on to the Compose Tab to create your email content. A template selection option is presented immediately. You can select the Default Template to build your own email content, or select a preloaded/saved template from the menu under Choose a Template. You can also use a previously sent email under Copy a Campaign.

5. Your chosen template will load. If using a preloaded template, be sure to update the placeholder content to be unique for your email. If you started with the default template, use the content blocks to create your email body.

Be sure to looks for the purple Warnings alert - check these out to see our suggestions and required changes to ensure the best success of your email campaign.

6. Click Create Campaign to save your Campaign as a draft and enable the recipient selection.

7. Navigate to the recipients tab to select who should receive this email campaign. you can Import your recipients from a saved List, add them individually, or use a combination of both for a customized recipient list.

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    Still need help? Reach out to us using the on-screen help message icon or by emailing us at support@cannabiz.media.
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