You walk a fine line with email marketing - you want your target audience to be aware of your product, but you don't want to be seen as a nuisance in their inbox.

Contacting them too frequently might make you an annoyance, or worse yet have them report you as spam. You've always been able to exclude those who were contacted at any point by excluding the Auto-Tag "Contacted" from your list; you'll now have the ability to further refine your exclusions based on when you last contacted them. Follow the steps below to send your follow up emails to only those records who were not contacted recently.

  1. First, select the List you'd like to work with from the List drop down menu.

Note the 139 results found in the screenshot above.

2. Next, scroll down the facet filters on the left, and find "Last Contacted". Use the negation filter to exclude these records by clicking and holding your mouse until the filter turns red. In our example below, we've removed records that were contacted in the last 30 days, narrowing our returned results to 15 potential recipients. The other 124 recently contacted records will not be included in our new email campaign.

You can also filter for records that were contacted greater than 30 days ago by using the Custom Date Range selection. Select it, and supply your dates. You'll then find records last contacted within that range.

3. Save your results as a new list, or replace an existing list.

4. Create an Email Campaign using this new List with confidence that you've excluded those who recently received communications from you.

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