Cannabiz Media supports custom "Merge Tags" for emails. This allows you to send out more personalized emails when mailing to lists of people.

Available Merge Tags are:

Name: The full name of the Person, Company, or License
First Name: For People, Licenses or Companies
Last Name: For People Only, their Last Name
License Name: For People and Licenses, this is the tradename of the license they're related to.
State: The name of the State the given License, Person, or Company is located in.
CNB ID: The unique Cannabiz ID, useful for a unique identifier when sending out URLs.

Your Address: Used to merge your mailing address into email footers to be compliant with anti-spam laws.

When using the Template Builder, simply choose the Merge Tags option when editing within any text field:

In the popup, simply choose from any of the available merge tags that would like to insert into your template:

Once added, you'll see the placeholder text for the Merge Tag in your email content.

If you'd like to see what information will be merged for each individual email sent, use the preview button on each recipient.

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