Content blocks create the framework for all Email Campaign drafts when using the Template Builder. Each block is used for a unique type of content; they are named with the content type.

Select what type of content you want to add to your email body, and then click and drag it into the email content where you want it placed. You'll see green "Drag it here" text for where it will be placed.

There are infinite ways to use these blocks to design your email. You may also want to add Rows, which allow you to have multiple content blocks in a single horizontal row. Think of Rows as the blueprint for your content; you'll add blocks to the rows.

While most of the content block options are fairly self explanatory, here are some ways you might use them. Keep in mind that a good mix of content types will help you avoid spam filters.

Text - Add text to your email content. You'll get a text editor here for fonts and formatting. You can also use Merge Tags here to personalize your email content for your recipients.

Image - Add an image to your email content. You can upload your own, or choose from thousands of pre-loaded free ones.

Button - Link your recipient to a website, or use this to attach a file to your email. This is an eye catching way to get someone to follow your call-to-action request.

Divider - Use this to insert a thick line to divide sections of your email.

Social - Link your social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are standard, but you can link Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, and many others. This provides icons for those sites to encourage your recipients to visit your social media.

HTML - Use this to insert HTML code into your email - be careful, you really need to know what you're doing with this one - but if you are proficient in writing HTML code, go for it!

Video - Embed a Youtube or Vimeo hosted video into your email content. The video will open in a browser tab when your recipient clicks on the auto generated thumbnail.

Icons - Use a set of images to create a clickable menu with pictures. Maybe an email envelope, a question mark, and a star.

Menu - Use text to create a menu of hyperlinked wording. Maybe "Contact Us", "Visit Our Site", "Ask a Question", etc.

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