When you sign up for a Cannabiz account, the email you use is automatically authorized to send emails to recipients. You have the option to authorize additional organizational email addresses to send both direct emails and email campaigns from. Organizational email addresses include generic inboxes such as info@ or sales@, for example. Organizational emails must belong to the same email domain as the primary email on your account, and cannot be common emails such as GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Follow these steps to authorize additional organizational email addresses.

1. Navigate to My Account, and select the Email Settings tab.

2. Find the Authorize a New Sender section. Supply a name and email for the new authorized sender, and click Request Authorization.

3. The new sender will receive an email authorization request.

4. Once the new sender receives the email, they will click View request which will bring them to a screen where they will Approve or Deny the request.

5. You can monitor whether the new sender chose to Approve or Deny the request in your Account Dashboard. If they approved it, their email address will turn black and move to the top portion of the list. If they denied it, their email address will turn red and remain in the bottom portion of the list with a DENIED status indicator.

Once an email address has been authorized, you can disable it at any time. To do so, view our help article Disabling Authorized Email Senders. Similarly, the authorized sender has the ability to revoke authorization at any time by again clicking View request in the same authorization email and clicking Revoke.

Still need help? Reach out to us via the in-app help icon or by emailing us at support@cannabiz.media.

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