The following is a list of scenarios that will result in a "Warning" on your email campaign that prevent you from completing distribution, as well as some solutions for how to remove them.

Problem: Missing DNS settings.

Solution: Follow the steps to setup DNS records for your email campaigns to improve deliverability. This is a requirement for all email campaigns sent through Cannabiz Media.

Problem: Generic text warnings that indicate there are references to filler copy or links such as “” or “lorem ipsum”. These are common among the pre-created templates provided by Cannabiz Media.

Solution: Check all copy, button links, image links, and image Alt Text for these references, and delete or replace with your own copy or link.

Problem: Recipient list is larger than 5,000.

Solution: Don't fall into the tempting "spray and pray" mass email distribution trap. Ultimately you need to ask yourself - do you want to spam or do you want to sell? It is for this reason that we do not encourage email distributions of larger than 5,000 recipients to help protect your sender reputation and to strengthen your results potential. You will see significantly improved results if you send campaigns to more targeted distribution lists, because that allows you to cater the content to their specific business type and needs. Revise your list to include more filters that better segment your audience, such as by activity type, license status, or state.

Problem: Missing "mailing address".

Solution: Follow the steps to input your mailing address which ties to the required [customer_address] tag found within the footer of your email. This is a CAN-SPAM requirement to include.

Problem: Lists that do not filter out "Inactive" or "Denied" recipients.

Solution: Revise your list to only include "Active", "Pending", or "Applied" licenses, and then click "Re-sync recipients from this list" on the Recipients tab of your email draft. Alternatively, you can manually delete recipients from your distribution list who have a status of "Inactive" or "Denied" by using the sort arrows for License Status on the Recipients tab of your email draft.

Problem: Missing unsubscribe link.

Solution: All templates should have this included, but if it was accidentally deleted it can be restored by adding a new text box to the bottom of your email campaign. While in edit mode of that new text box, select Special links > Essentials > Unsubscribe from the pop-up editor options to reinstate unsubscribe link.

Problem: Duplicate unsubscribe links.

Solution: If you used HTML to upload a campaign designed elsewhere, you will need to search for and delete the additional unsubscribe reference within the lines of code.

Problem: Campaigns that include the words “CNB Media”, “Cannabiz Media”, or similar wording that uses CNB branding.

Solution: Scan your subject line and email body content for those phrases to replace with your own company name, or remove entirely.

Problem: Emails with blatant spam red flags, such as "FREE" in the subject line.

Solution: Review our help article Email Best Practices and Tips to help identify the trigger within your subject line or body of the email. If you are unable to identify the trigger, reach out to the support team for assistance.

Problem: Emails that have less than three words or still have "Draft" written in the subject line.

Solution: Revise your subject line to ensure it delivers without temporary filler copy.

Problem: Missing content indicating the email campaign was not saved or the email campaign is blank.

Solution: Build out the content of your email campaign by using the provided content blocks to ensure proper messaging is being distributed to your target audience.

If you have further questions about these warnings or how to solve for them, reach out via the on-screen help icon or by emailing us at

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