You'll have the opportunity to schedule email campaigns to be sent in the future, allowing you to take advantage of optimal send times when your recipients are likely to open your email. You'll find this selection when you select to send your campaign. Follow the steps and instructions below to configure your scheduled campaign.

Note - it's always a good idea to preview your email and send a test prior to scheduling your campaign.

  1. After composing your campaign and selecting your recipients, click the Send button.

2. A new window will display with a variety of choices for scheduling your Campaign. The default choice is to send immediately, but selecting Schedule this campaign for delivery at a later time will display additional scheduling options. Select the date and time you would like the campaign sent. Note: You may schedule the email as far out as your Cannabiz Media subscription renewal date.

3. Looking for some advice on the best time to send? Click the Help me find the best time to send button! This will show you the best time to send your campaign, based on all the emails sent from your organization in the past. In our example below, it looks like Mondays or Tuesdays around the middle of the day may be the best time to select.

4. Looking for even more tailored scheduling in your email campaign? You can also try using Send Time Optimization to find specific times that would be best for individual recipients. We know when recipients are most likely to open emails, and can send at the most optimized time over the next one to three days.

Leaving the selection on Send to all recipients at the scheduled time will send all emails at the time selected above. Choose the options under that will delay the sending to optimize the best delivery time over the next day, two days, or three days, depending on the selection made. In the example below, we select 3 days - so while the campaign is scheduled to start sending on 7/7 at 11:09 AM, it will automatically choose the optimal send time for each recipient between then and 7/10 at 11:09 AM

5. Once you've made your selections, be sure to check the boxes to agree to the terms, and then click Send now.

Your email campaign will then be queued and sent at your selected time and your chosen parameters.

Still looking for help? Reach out to us on the chat, we're glad to assist.

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