If you've scheduled an email campaign to be sent in the future but realize you made a mistake, you have the opportunity to cancel the campaign or make edits up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled send time.

You can easily do this by navigating to your email dashboard. Select Email to get there, and then choose Upcoming Deliveries.

You'll find a list of scheduled email campaigns here. Click on the one you'd like to edit or cancel.

To cancel it, click the Cancel delivery button.

If you just need to make an edit - maybe fix a typo - you can make changes on the Overview, Compose, or Recipients tabs. Change your subject line, sender email, email body content, or recipients. Maybe someone reached out to you prior to your campaign and you now no longer need to include them.

Lots of reasons to make changes - are long as it';s more than 15 minutes from your scheduled send time, go ahead an make those updates.

Note that you cannot change the send time. If that needs to be changed, you can make of copy of this campaign and cancel it.

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