While the replies you get are the ultimate measure of success in an email campaign, you'll likely want to know some other stats who - who opened the email? Who clicked a link in it? Your curiosity might even wonder how this campaign did against other ones you've sent, or even email campaigns sent by your competition in the same industry. You can find all of this out by reviewing your sent campaign analytics.

  1. Navigate to Email, and then Browse Campaigns. Alternatively, you might find the campaign you are looking for under the Recently Delivered tab.

2. Find the Campaign you want to analyze on the Campaigns search. Use any filters to help you more easily find the one you're looking for. Notice a preview of your analytics here, but click on the campaign name to access more in depth statistics.

3. You'll be brought to the Performance tab, where you can find your Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, and Bounces immediately. You''ll also find the number of emails successfully delivered on this page. The chart shows you the engagement over the first 72 hours after you campaign was sent - use the icons to zoom the chart, or export the chart into an image file.

4. Click the Comparison tab to see this campaigns performance against your other campaigns, all campaigns sent by all Cannabiz Media customers, campaigns sent by other Cannabiz Media customers in your industry, campaigns sent to the same location you chose, or the same License activities as well.

You'll also see this data in bar graph form at the bottom too.

5. Move to the Recipients tab to see the results for individual recipients. You can see how many times they opened and clicked your email here. Click the column headers to sort ascending or descending by the number of interactions.

You can also click the Detail Card icon to easily immediately follow up with the recipient. Send them an email, find their phone number, or connect with them on social media.

Also, note that you can use the search filters at the top to further refine your results based on location, email engagement, tags assigned, and more.

6. Finally, you can access the Links tab to see who clicked what links in your email. Each link from your campaign is shown, with a Show/Hide details button. Clicking the Show details will expand the link to display recipients who clicked it, and how many times they clicked. Note the Detail Card available here as well. Total clicks for each link are displayed too.

If you have any questions about how to access or read your analytics dashboard, reach out to us via the on-screen help icon or email us at support@cannabiz.media.

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