At Cannabiz Media, we recommend setting up a brand new domain to dedicated specifically to email campaigns or bulk email sending. Consider it a division of power to help ensure your primary operational domain (I.e. doesn't get polluted if you happen to send out too many emails that are marked as spam, as well as help make sure your emails are landing in your recipients inboxes. However, if you create a brand new domain (I.e. and start sending immediately without any sort of warmup process, your emails may end up in spam, or get flat out rejected by your recipients.

This is also true when you start sending from a new platform, such as Cannabiz Media. When email providers see your content coming from a new location, they aren't sure yet if it should be trusted. While setting up DKIM and SPF is a great start, that's only one step to keeping out of the spam box.

Consider warming up your domain on a schedule like this:

Important Note: Email providers like consistency. If you suddenly stop sending on a regular basis, you should revert back to Phase 2 and go through the warm up process once again.

Example Warmup Cadence:

  1. Phase 1. Let's say we start sending on Monday. In this phase we send only to our internal emails. We make sure all of our staff opens and clicks on those emails, and if any end up in spam, we make sure to mark them as "not spam". We can send to both our personal and corporate email addresses, and send to as many as we have available to us (consider using Bulk Contact Importing and create a list of "Internal" email addresses).
  2. Phase 2. By Tuesday, we are ready to send out our first "real" campaign to about 250 contacts.
  3. Phase 3. On Wednesday, we first check our last campaign and make sure it got at least a 20% open rate. If it did, we move to the next phase and send about 500 emails.
  4. Phase 4. On Thursday we still have a 20% open rate, so this time we send out 1,000 emails.
  5. Phase 5. Friday we decide to take the day off, so on Monday are ready to move onto the next phase as long as our open rate was over 20%. If it dropped to 15%, we stay at Phase 4, but if it dropped below 15%, we may consider moving back to Phase 3 and only sending out 400 emails again, after running some internal tests to make sure we're not marked as spam.

Key Take Away:

It's important that email sending providers identify a pattern for your email sending. Providers like consistency, so if you send only a few hundred emails, once a week, then suddenly send out 10,000 emails a day for a week, they're going to suspect something is wrong. In short, avoid saving all of your quota for use all at once at the end of the month. Try to build up slowly to your expected volume of traffic and stick to it. It's OK to deviate slightly, but if you spend more than a month without sending emails, you'll need to re-establish your reputation before you can send out your full volume of emails.

When your new domain is ready, be sure to follow the setup process to register the domain with the Cannabiz Media email platform. This step is required in order to be able to send from it. For assistance with setting this up, you can reach out to us via the on-screen help icon or email us at

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