Being able to select or tag recipients in bulk makes it easy to quickly manage follow ups for the recipients of your email campaigns. This is much like the bulk operation for tagging and assigning records when you are conducting a search to build a list. This will allow you to quickly and easily follow up with your most engaged leads, making your workflow even more efficient.

  1. Open the Recipients tab for any sent campaign. From there, you can manually click on the any of the checkboxes next to each recipient or simply click the top checkbox to select all. To identify recipients who took a certain action - such as clicked or opened - use the Engagement dropdown menu to identify the recipients you would like to follow up with. For example, selecting "Opened" and "Not Clicked" will provide you with a list of recipients who were interested in your subject line but perhaps the content of the message didn't deliver or resonate. A follow up campaign with a similar value proposition and different content might produce action out of this particular group.

2. Once the recipients are checked, select one of the functions available.

Note: Bulk tag and assign functions are limited to Account Owners and Account Managers only.

3. The Tag function lets you label the selected recipients with a custom filter so that you may quickly find them in the future or pull them into a future list. You can also remove tags from the recipients by unchecking the box next to the tag you want removed.

4. The Assign function allows you to assign ownership of the recipients to a specific user on your account for continued follow up. Inversely you can also remove and assignee from the recipients.

5. The New Campaign function initiates a brand new email to those select recipients which you can cater to their interests based on their action.

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