The Cannabiz Media License Database provides a powerful email campaign tool to help you reach and connect with license holders. But the email address and domain that you send these campaigns from can have a major impact on your results, so review these options to determine the best solution for you.

1. Bring-Your-Own Domain

The best solution for branding, reputation management, deliverability, and compliance is to use your own domain for sending. This allows you to send from your own email addresses that recipients will recognize and your sender reputation will not be impacted by the email activity of others. Setting this up requires some adjustments wherever your domain is hosted, and it is recommended that you complete a quick warm-up once setup in order to help your deliverability since your messages are originating from a new source in the Cannabiz Media License Database. This is the most seamless option.

Next step: Review the help article about setting up your DNS.

Note: Bring-your-own domain setup is only available for Business subscription levels and higher.

2. Managed Domains

These are unique domains created and managed by Cannabiz Media specific to your company. This allows you to send email campaigns with a new sending reputation you cultivate through Cannabiz Media. Emails appear to your recipients as though they are sent from your company, replies are routed directly to your inbox, and the sending reputation is not shared which means you are in control of it.

A managed domain takes a bit of time to set up - about 24 to 48 hours - and a warm-up is required before you can send. Since you are sending from a brand new domain with no prior sending reputation, the warm-up will help start your sending reputation on the right foot!

Next step: Reach out to your account manager or the support team to request initiation of a managed domain.

Note: Managed domains are only available for Business subscription levels and higher.

3. Routed Domains
The default setting for all new accounts is using a routed domain which is a shared domain hosted by Cannabiz Media. Your sender email address will appear to recipients in their inbox as Replies are directly routed to your inbox as normal, however, and this option does not require you to change anything on your website, conduct a warmup or any testing. It is simply up and running for you to take advantage of email campaigns immediately.

Please note that this means your sender reputation is shared, however, which might result in an increase in emails delivered to the spam folder. And if you have developed a rapport with customers outside of Cannabiz Media, they may not recognize the email address from your routed domain.

Next step: None, this is default option is automatically established on your account.

If you have any questions about these options, reach out to us via the on-screen help icon, or by emailing

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