Research shows that segmented email campaigns get twice as many clicks and 15% more opens than campaigns that aren’t segmented for specific target audiences. In fact, marketers have experienced an increase of 760% in email marketing revenue from the segmented campaigns they send to targeted audiences.

All segmentation strategies rely on data, which luckily you have at your fingertips! There are several ways you can use the data provided by Cannabiz Media to segment your audience and create laser-targeted email lists for specific, high-converting campaigns. To reinforce this, your email campaign must be below 5,000 recipients in order to distribute. Below are a few examples, but we encourage you to review all of the different search filters for Licenses, Contacts, and Companies to identify what else might be of use to you.


The cannabis and hemp industries face different challenges and have different needs. Differentiating between the two will speak to your recipients on a more personal level.


We recommend you email no more than one state at a time. This allows you to better personalize your messaging, and make your business appear more informed and relatable by developing content that speaks directly toward and about that location.


We also recommend you email no more than one activity type at a time. Again, this enables more targeted messaging because a cultivator might have a completely separate need for your product or service than a dispensary, for example. Bucketing activities together results in vague messaging because you're attempting to speak to multiple end users and address various solutions at once.


Don’t assume active, pending, and applied license holders have the same need, even if they’re in the same location with the same activity. Here’s why your messaging should differentiate between the three.

  • Active: Has been up and running for some time, so messaging might cater toward improving existing processes or switching to your product or service and seamless steps to do so.

  • Pending: Has been approved for business and is in the process of establishing relationships and picking vendors, so messaging caters toward initial setup and helping them get up and running.

  • Applied: Likely isn’t making big decisions yet since they haven’t been cleared to operate, so messaging caters more toward goodwill and establishing your brand.


People with different job roles have different needs and challenges. Are the people you typically work with in the Accounting & Finance department, Marketing department, Security department, or somewhere else? Differentiating by role is a great way to maximize your quota usage by only emailing the people with the relevant job functions to your product or service. There are two ways to identify specific roles within Cannabiz Media. The first is using the set of Role filters found in the Contacts view, and the second is by manually typing a job title in the search bar.

But now that you've segmented your audiences, don't stop there. The one-two punch of segmenting includes tailoring your messaging directly to their specific needs. If you're targeting cultivators, talk about their specific challenges and how you can help. If you are emailing license holders in Florida, use the word "Florida" somewhere in your subject line or body content. Bottom line: don't simply copy identical content from one campaign to another to send to multiple lists. That will get you no where! The only investment you're making to segment audience & messaging is time, and we promise it's worth it.

If you have questions about how to use the filters to create targeted email campaign segments, reach out to us via the on-screen help icon or by emailing

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