Spamming comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be unintentional. One of those unintentional practices includes continually emailing the same recipients without receiving any sort of response or engagement. If they're not opening your email it's a pretty clear indication they are not interested in your offering. As a result, regular list cleanup is crucial to your health and reputation as a sender. What does this mean? It's simple. If after multiple attempts a recipient still has not engaged with your message, stop emailing them.

Continually emailing the same addresses without any engagement marks your sender reputation as well as our hosting reputation with a big black X among email service providers that gets bigger and bigger over time. And this is a hard thing to bounce back from. But don't worry! Cannabiz Media manages this cleanup effort for you. If after sending 5 email campaigns a recipient has not opened your email or engaged in any way, we mark them as undeliverable for future campaigns. This practice is in place for your protection. It also helps you better manage your email quota because, after all, why would you want to waste precious emails on people who are uninterested?

List cleanup is a widely accepted and encouraged practice in the email marketing world, and our goal is to guide you toward being a model citizen. If you have documentation that particular recipients have double opted-in to your emails, the undeliverable status can be reversed. Additionally, Cannabiz Media provides a number of ways to engage with license holders beyond email that we encourage you to tap into! With access to phone numbers, physical addresses, and social media accounts there are still a number of ways you can make contact with license holders to inform them of your brilliant offering.

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