The Bulk Updates tool can be utilized by account owners and managers to review the history of bulk updates and contact lists that have been imported to the account. This tool provides the user with ways to filter and review these items.

To get started hover over Tools and click on Bulk Updates.

Or, if you are already in the Import Contacts tool you will click on Past imports.

Once in the tool you will see a list of your bulk updates and list uploads starting with the most recently completed along with some basic information about each upload. You can click on Status, Updated, or Completed to show your results in ascending or descending order based on those categories.

There are a number of different filters you can utilize to view the records of list uploads and bulk updates.

Note: If you click on Lists or Past Campaigns it will take you out of the Bulk Update tool.

Each record of a list being uploaded, whether it went through successfully (completed), was rejected, or pending finalization (new) has a button to Review Import where you can click and see the full details of the upload.

From this details page we can see all of the information that was a part of this upload including contact cards for each contact that is a part of the list.

There are search filters for Action, Tagged, and name/location to further help you review the contacts included in this record.

On each contact card you can click the slider for Show original and the system will display the previous contact information, allowing you to quickly compare what information was added for each contact and even access original data points (such as phone numbers) to give you an alternate contact method you could try.

If you would like to download a copy of any spreadsheet that was uploaded, even if it was rejected, you can do so by clicking Download CSV.

If you need information on uploading a list of contacts, please see the article, How do I upload a list of contacts?

If you're looking to update your contacts already in the database or need to add contacts individually please review the article, How do I add or edit contacts?

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