The Cannabiz Media License Database contains a variety of news types that include stories, violations, recalls, breaking news for important development, and insights.

Note: Access to Insight content is only available to customers on the Business+ subscription and above.

What qualifies as an Insight?

Insights come from two sources, our phone team and regulators. The phone team learns details about licenses that can only be gleaned via direct communication. These may include the hours to reach the purchasing manager, or the best way to get hold of the owner. Other details may share whether they have a Point of Sale solution or are looking for one. Here is an example:

The other source is information shared by a regulator that includes details that are rarely included in public sources. It is usually information that is too specific for us to build a facet around, but terms can be searched for like “Purchasing Manager” which has 615 mentions or “Hempcrete”. Examples may include the type of hemp seed a farmer has selected or the types of products that hemp could be used for. Here are some examples:

Insights are also used to share details about the permissioned activities for microbusinesses licenses:

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