Utilizing the filters properly is one of the first steps to setting up your lists and tags to better assist you target the correct customers. Whether looking at Licenses, Companies, or Contacts you will see the filters in the area shown below.

Note: There will be certain filters only available under License and Contacts

When using the filters, simply click the box to select it and include that filter in the data you are viewing.

The other option is to utilize the negate function, by holding down your click until it turns red, to remove that data from your view.

At the top of the filters section there is a find filters box where you can type in any of the following filters to make them easier to find and a slider box to only show the filters you have selected. Here you can also check the box to show only your favorites. Introduction to Tags and Favorites.

The Stacked Records filter allows us to adjust between seeing the Facilities or Licenses. The Facility is the default setting, this rolls up all the license data that is at a single physical location (what used to be referred to as a primary license) into a single record listing. The Licenses will show you a full count of all licenses that match your criteria.

The Location filter allows us to type in a zip code, city, or specific address then use that location to filter our list. This filter can be extremely useful in states like California and Oklahoma that have larger amounts of licenses within them.

Note: The Exact location option will only show results if a full address is entered in the box.

The next two filters, Assigned To and Tags are going to be unique to your account. You can select multiple tags and it will compile any contact that has been tagged with one or more that were selected. Creating Custom Tags

The Segments, Country, Activity, and Status filters are going to be some of our broader options and should be your first step when building out your lists or tags.

Note: Segments viewed under Licenses will only show Cannabis & Hemp filters

Please see this Article about the different activities:
What are the various activities for Cannabis?

Status refers to the status of their cannabis license, customers utilizing the email feature should focus on the Active, Pending, and Applied license holders.

Note: If Inactive or Denied are listed on your email campaign recipient list, our system will not allow you to send without approval from support.

The Attributes can be utilized to filter by information listed within the records. These filters are best used for research purposes and for one-one-one sales outreach. The Has Email is of particular note for our customers utilizing list based email marketing. We highly recommend you do not use this filter as it only registers for the top level of a Company or License, leaving potential contacts off of your list reach out to.

The Updated filter reflects any information being added or changed on the license/company/contact. Created will reflect any new entries to our database; licenses, companies, or contacts (depending on which area of the database you are looking). Last Contacted will be unique to each account and depend on how much you utilize the email feature to populate data for this filter.

If you are looking for some guidance on using the filters to create an email recipient list please review this article; Tips & Tricks: List Building & Segmentation for email campaigns

Still need help? Reach out to us via the on-screen icon or email us at support@cannabiz.media.

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