The Scorecards section of our database allows you to easily geo-target licenses based on activity, municipality and county. The scorecard is the easiest way to locally target license holders for site visits and trade shows.

In this example, we show the state of Colorado, it prepopulates some filters for us and at the top shows that it is summarizing the data by county with columns for our main four cannabis activities

We can adjust the rows of our data to reflect City, County, State, or Country by clicking at the top, or better yet by narrowing our view to the cities located within that county by clicking on the county name.

At any time we can return our view to a different location level by clicking on the corresponding button in the location outline.

From within each location level you can narrow you view to the next level by clicking on the name of the Country/State/County

If we want to make any adjustments to the columns of data that are displayed, we can click here and choose which activities will be displayed. The activities will display in the columns according to the order that you select them.

Note: Only one column will be available to Startup and One State subscription plans. Business and above plans can display up to four columns.

Once our location level and activities are displaying as we'd like, we can then dive into the results by clicking into any of the numbers within the columns.

Note: The Total column displayed may not be equal to the sum of the columns as each license can have more than one activity.

When clicking into any of these numbers it will reflect the data in the table view of the License database. From here we can add a tag or create a list out of these licenses. We can also add or remove filters to further segment our results. You will see two additional filters for the Location and Activity you were reviewing in the summary view.

There is the ability to export the data displayed while in the summary view, it will not export any License, Company, or Contact data, purely the count displayed in the columns. When you click Export Data if will create a CSV file.

Note: If you hit Reset summary it will clear all column and row data, reverting back to the original filters of your Scorecard view.

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